To all my fellow constituents of the 27th District,

I have decided to withdraw as a write-in candidate from the upcoming June 5, 2018 ballot. There is no sense in participating in an unfair election where my two opponents have the distinct advantage of having their names on the ballot.

My name may appear on the ballot but I cannot discuss more details at this time due to pending litigation. ** Of course you may vote for me if you see my name on your ballot. **

Thank you to all the wonderful supporters I have met who put their trust in me to represent them. I wish I could offer you a fair process but what I can promise to do is to fight for you so that your vote and your voice matters.

I do not intend to create a media publicity opportunity from my campaign because I believe that the office of Congress representatives merits a higher dignity than that. My intention is to communicate with my constituents directly. Updates to follow.

God bless you all.

Files coming soon.





For Immediate Release

May 10, 2018

Beatrice  Cardenas, Candidate for California’s 27th Congressional District, Announces Intent to Sue the Los Angeles County Clerk

Civil Rights Violations

Norwalk— May 10, 2018 Beatrice Cardenas, Candidate for  California’s 27th Congressional District, announced today her intent to sue Dean C. Logan, the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, for civil rights violations.

“The Los Angeles County Clerk and his staff has engaged in a discriminatory pattern and practice of discrimination directly harming women and minority candidates. Their practices must be stopped and we must have reform in this office.” said at Beatrice Cardenas, Candidate for  California’s 27th Congressional District,.

Corrupt Practices

“After being denied placement on the ballot I met with County Clerk staff. It is apparent from their actions and lack of transparency and accountability that their practices are intended to deny the right of certain candidates to appear on ballots.”

“I have contacted California Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s Office to address the issues that I have uncovered and I have not seen action to remedy the issues at the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s office ” said Beatrice Cardenas, Candidate for California’s 27th Congressional District.. “My only course of action is to involve the justice system. Due to the late notice from the County Clerk’s office, only an order from a Judge to put my name on the ballot will cause justice to be served at this time for a fair and impartial election.”


Interview requests may be scheduled with Beatrice Cardenas. Please contact her at Beatrice@CardenasForCongress.com



Cardenas PR 5.10.18 (pdf)